October-November 2021, Timișoara, Lugoj 

Through this program we aim to develop new audiences for the field of contemporary dance and to lay the foundations for making accessible a constant cultural offer for the public consuming contemporary dance performances and events related to it such as: dance films, workshops, etc.

    Nomad for YOUth”(Oct.-Nov.)

    A contemporary dance season that will take place in Timișoara at Casa Tineretului and that totals 7 contemporary dance performances signed by choreographers from Bucharest, Budapest but also 3 performances from the Unfold Motion company's repertoire. Through this approach we aim to develop a dance season constantly present in the cultural landscape of Timisoara. The project also includes a series of contemporary dance workshops dedicated to a vulnerable social group;

   ”NOMADdanceFilms” (20 & 27 Nov.)

    Through which we propose to the cinephile public from Timișoara an area of the art film less known in Romania - the dance film. Viewers are expected to watch two dance films - one national, curated by Camelia Neagoe (president of the Delazero Association), the other international, curated by Melissa Ramos (Dance Cinema Organization-Australia). The screenings will be followed by an introductory presentation in the language of the dance film. Through these two events we do not want to identify in the city a consumer audience of this cinematic genre.

”DansNomad Lugoj” (6-7 Nov.) 

    Through which we will present a show by Unfold Motion in Lugoj and we will hold contemporary dance workshops for audiences over 16 years; We aim through this initiative to build an artistic connection between the two cities in an attempt to encourage future collaborations.

Access to the shows during the season will be based on an entrance ticket.

TICKETS: www.iabilet.ro


0 lei: people with disabilities

20 lei: 14-35 years

35 lei:> 35 years old

Access to film screenings is free.

We ask the spectators to follow the indications of the organizers regarding the development of the events during the participation in the “DansNomad” events so that together we can prevent the spread of COVID 19.
The organizers will measure the temperature and will make masks and disinfectants available to the public.

The cultural program is organized by the Unfold Motion Association

Unfold Motion is the most important local landmark in contemporary dance in Timisoara and the western part of the country. The association is actively involved on the Timisoara cultural scene, contributing through the projects initiated to the consolidation of the cultural-artistic network of the city and seeking to offer cultural experiences as wide as possible to the public in a continuous formation.

Project co-financed by the Timiș County Council and the Timiș County Foundation for Youth.

The cultural program "DansNomad" is part of the Cultural Program Timisoara European Capital of Culture for 2021.


Institutul Francez, Missio Link International, Dance Cinema Organisation, Asociația Delazero, Contemporary Creative Dreamers, Asociația Foa.