(burn)OUT – Irina Marinescu

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Burnout is a state of emotional, mental, and often physical exhaustion caused by prolonged or
repeated stress. Stress occurs when we perceive a threat – real or imagined. Even if we don’t
consciously perceive it, it affects us physically and emotionally.
Artists from the developing Art Association started in 2022, in three different cities, an
artistic research on burn-out. In Timisoara, Irina Marinescu was a resident of Unfold Motion
and worked on burn-out from three perspectives:

“I want to relate three concepts – work, energy, emotions. I will look at what work
experiences mean, how we relate to work, the type of energy we invest or receive from the
activities we do. And further, to the perception and manifestation of emotions in the body,
which we activate in motion.” Irina Marinescu held two activities within the (burn)out residency:
Contemporary dance workshop and Presentation of artistic research.

Irina Marinescu fell in love with contemporary dance and performance in 2009. Since then he
has studied with Romanian and international professionals in various dance languages and
forms of performing arts - Feldenkrais, Viewpoints, Axis syllabus, DAS Theater Feedback
method, Contact Improvisation, Gaga. She worked with the National Dance Centre
Bucharest, participated in the cultural Management Academy 2019, is a co-founder of the
developing Art Association, and is currently an independent artist and producer. She wants to
offer new perspectives on the world and its stories through different media and languages –
dance, new media, stand-up comedy. Her interests are at the intersection of art and therapy,
art and science, art and anthropology. She collaborates with artists from different fields to
create and develop contexts where the main ingredients are authentic connections,
experiments, and emotions.

Developing Art creates interdisciplinary cultural projects that have as priorities contemporary
dance, mixed media, education, research and visual arts.

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