[ ...] No one really sees me. I'm everybody's reflex, but for them I remain invisible. I mirror everyone. I respond, I restore, I refresh, I react, I capture, I host, I'm the availability itself. I am entirely at your disposal and always open ... always honest, always reliable. But you know that I'm not inexhaustible [... ].

The concept of the show is a non- narrative but with influences from the frame - storytelling process, where the viewer is invited to design a personal inner image and extract exactly what he thinks. The core is love in many forms it can take. Movement element structure revolves around love, from the simplest to the most abstract forms of it around the gestures, actions and daily frustrations. Of all the elements that compose or decompose. All who feel it or hide it. Those who believe. What they live. What they see. What you see.
Choreography: Lavinia Urcan
Alina Ștefan, Camelia Nedelcu, Dan Ianchiș, Oana Vidoni

Music: Octavian Horvath
Text by:
Matei Vișniec

Duration: 60 min.
Produced in:

Tours and festivals:
27 breaks Festival (Bucharest, 2013)
Paintbrush Factory (Cluj Napoca, 2014)
Timișoara International Dance Festival (2014) Support Art Festival (Timisoara, 2014)

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