The show captures fragments from the path of Ela and Ina, two women whose lives are structured around a central point - their work. Ela is an employee of the company and is waiting for the promised promotion, and Ina is in training to take her place. In a fictional universe, not very different from our everyday reality, we watch how the lack of motivation, purpose and utility felt by the two influence their inner life and put them in a position to find ways to resist constant pressure. From denial to indignation, from routine to lack of conformity, Ela and Ina try to fight a battle in a world that seems to metabolize the feelings of revolt generated by their own rules as an infinitely adaptable and invulnerable organism. Sensitive, joking, ironic, serious, the show is a dialog on the move, about the place work occupies in our lives. How much and how do we work? In what environment? What do we get and what do we really need? What are the ways in which work penetrates and takes over personal space? What are the effects we feel?

Artistic team: Camelia Neagoe (choreographer), Mariana Gavriciuc & Eva Danciu (performers), Vlad Lazarescu (light design)

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