Video documentary material “Testimonies – the Multiethnic Space in Timisoara”

The video documentary material “Testimonies – the Multiethnic Space in Timisoara” represents a subjective point of view related to the current reality of this space, expressed by the representatives of the minority associations in Timisoara.  At the same time, the documentary presents the filter through which those who contributed to the performance of the dance, based on this research, used the information obtained to understand and transpose the reality of today.

Link for the documentary:

Artistic team:

George Mihes - video and editing

Ana-Maria Băruţă and Antonia Itineanţ - documentation and interviewing

Interviews given by: Zoran Markov - museographer National Museum of Banat

Luciana Friedmann - President of the Jewish Community of Timisoara

Kasa Zsolt - Vice President Bastion-Varbasthya Association

Sasa Iasin - director of the publishing house of the Romanian Union of Serbs

Mircea Barbu - Vice-President of the Roma Pro-Europe Party Association

Mona Petzek – Director of the German Cultural Centre

Bianca Barbu - German language teacher at the German Cultural Centre

Olga Torok - artistic coordinator of the artistic project "Remix ID", meta Space Association Valentin Teodorescu - fashion designer of the project "Confluences"

Teodora Tudose - choreographer and performer of the project “Confluences”

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