The Last Raid of HumanKind

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The performance is the physical manifestation of feelings at the moment of awareness of a possible factor that could lead to the disappearance of each of us. What would we like to leave behind? What would the last trace left by each individual look like?
The show is built on the idea of a final journey in which bodies offer and transform feelings into a common physical pulsation meant to go to exhaustion, a moment of emptying in which bodies become sincere.

Location: Timișoara Youth House
Dance Company: Contemporary Creative Dreamers, Bucharest

Choreography: Daniel Alexandru Dragomir
Dancers / artists: Daniel Alexandru Dragomir, Andreea Vălean, George Pleșca, Andreea
Vălean, Anca Stoica, Anastasia Preotu, Bianca Ardeleanu, Robert Popa , Alexandros Raptis
(light design)

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