”THE BAR” - MOVEO DANCE COMPANY (Malta) - 7 October

Six choreographers tell the story of eight characters and their interactions during a night full of events at their local bar. The audience is invited to witness how relationships and interactions evolve over the course of the night as more alcohol is consumed and everyone’s true colors are revealed. The main inspirations are drawn from the personal experiences of our youth and from the time we spend with friends. The show can give you all kinds of memories. A physical and emotional rollercoaster for both performers and audiences, as are most of our drinking nights.

MOVEO Dance Company was formed in 2008 by the artistic director Dorian Mallia, and has since produced contemporary works both locally and internationally. In 2011, Diane Portelli joined Moveo as company director and resident choreographer.

Artistic team: Dorian Mallia (choreographer and dancer), Diane Portelli, Charlotte Carpenter, Gabriele Farinacci, Lucas Machado, Julia Lundberg, Victor Hermundstad, Cindelle Bouard (dancers)

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