Planet Dance

A performance about the dance that has to be danced and not analyzed. Often the audience  finds itself in the situation of just facing contemporary dance shows.
But the unadvised audience doesn’t necessarily posses the required references to receive the show, or it does not allow itself the free interpretation of the show, putting itself in the depiction of the uninformed viewer, who won’t come again to another show.
The concept of the show started form the question: what’s with contemporary dance? And developed not only by following a brief history but also by questioning the role of the dancer from performer to creator.
Aside from the choreography, the show also develops a theoretical dimension, a guide for the unadvised contemporary dance spectator, meaning to give the spectator a closer look in the inner kitchen of the dancer. The show aims to restrain the informational and perceptual void between ballet and contemporary dance.
Choreography: Lavinia Urcan și dansatorii
Oana Mureșan/Anca Florea, Alina Ștefan, Oana Vidoni

Music: Armies (Ovidiu Zimcea)
Aneta Vidoni

Duration: 45 min.
Produced in:

Tours and festivals:
Paintbrush Factory (Cluj-Napoca, 2019)

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