Performance of costumes “Presences”

The performance of costumes “Presences” tells the story of some cohabiting minorities in Timisoara, in a poetic, subjective, funny and unconventional way.  In this case, the costume is a means of communication, a binder that is placed alongside dance and music, describing events and situations from the recent or past history of the local people.

Signs, symbols or color are fine touches that make references to each minority, without making a reproduction of the original costumes, complemented by soundtracks and dance, all of which outline various living paintings.

The costume performance was structured into 7 distinct parts, designed by fashion designer Valentin Teodorescu and built together with the choreographer of the project Teodora Tudose and the project musician Sarah Mitrofan.

The performance of the costume “presences” was presented at the Maria Theresia Bastion and in Iulius Town.

Artistic team:

Concept and costumes: Valentin Teodorescu

Choreography: Teodora Tudose

Performances: Ana-Maria Băruţă, Antonia Itineanț, Marin Lupanciuc, Cătălina Oance, Teodora Tudose

Music by Sarah Mitrofan

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