On the Edge of The Light

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A performance about feelings of exposure and vulnerability felt under the pressure of falling into social norms. That pressure coming from the outside takes on immense dimensions inside and presses you to the end of your power until you can no longer stand your own body, your own shadow, your own light.
It highlights the moment when you feel that you are not adapting, that you are not fit in the world that you are still trying to be a part of.

In the end, you give in. In the end, we all give up. But there remains our testimony and the hope that we are not alone. The show is inspired by an interview with Lady Diana and a BBC representative, in which she exposes her problems, including: lack of affection, feelings of abandonment, non- belonging to the Royal House and bulimia.

Data: 9 th October
Location: Timișoara Youth House

Choreography: Teodora Tudose, guest choreographer from Bucharest
Dancers / artists: Teodora Tudose, Antonia Itineanț, Andrei Atabay, Andrei Cristea, Dragoș

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