Nomad Dance Dumbrăvița 19-21 Mai 2023

Between 18-21 May 2023, in Dumbrăviţa commune, various cultural events and activities centered around contemporary dance took place, such as:

 - 5 choreographic moments accompanied by live music in the public space (Central Park, Nordic Park), in alternative locations (agro-food market, Dumbravita secondary School) and at the Culture House;
 - 12 theater-dance workshops (supported by performers from the project) dedicated to children and teenagers, sound mixing workshops (supported by George Allen) and film (supported by Corina Andrian) dedicated to teenagers, hosted by Dumbrăviţa Cultural House;
 - The screening of the dance film “a few moments” (made by Corina Andrian), hosted by the Dumbrăviţa Cultural House;

Photo Credit: Light Stories
Video Credit : Corina Andrian

The “Nomad Dance” format is an initiative of the choreographer Beatrice Tudor. The aim of the project is to promote contemporary dance in communities where it is not present, as a form of performing art. The last 2 of the 4 editions of the project were held under the aegis of the Unfold Motion Association.

“Nomad Dance” or “Tour de force” as we like to call it, is in its fourth edition and second under the wing of Unfold Motion. It complements with excellence and perfection the association’s sustained efforts to develop contemporary dance at local and national level. This year we remain in Timis County and strengthen the relationship started last year with the public in Lugoj, Jimbolia and Dumbravita, but we are also turning our efforts toward the Carpinis commune and in the neighborhoods of Timisoara. Lavinia Urcan -președinte Unfold Motion

This Nomad Dance edition has formed a team of artists strong through diversity, eager to offer live dance and music performances that will remain in the memory of the audience, from small to large. The reactions were varied, from interest to enthusiasm, but also astonishment and boldness. At the same time, the visited localities were explored through the lens of the camera by the two artists: Corina Andrian and Lorena Dumitrascu reflecting the passage of nomadic artists through those places. Maria Beatrice Tudor, the initiator of the project “Nomad Dance”.

The project “Nomad Dance” is part of the Cultural Program “Timisoara 2023 – European Capital of Culture” and is funded by the City of Timisoara through the Project Center.

With the support of: FITT Timisoara and Jimbolia City Hall
Local partners:
FITT Lugoj, Eftimie Murgu Secondary School, Coriolan Brediceanu National College, Drăgan European University, Jimbolia Culture House, Jimbolia Secondary School, Jimbolia Primary School, Jimbolia Technology High School, TV Jimbolia, Carpinis City Hall, Dumbrăviţa City Hall, Dumbrăviţa Secondary School;

General partners: Spații Noi (nr. New Spaces), the National Museum of Banat, the French Institute Timisoara, the German Cultural Center, the National Centre of Dance Bucharest, Contemporary Creative Dreamers, Delazero Association;

Media partners: Radio România Cultural, West City Radio, TVR Timisoara

Nomad Dance Crew 2023:
Performers: Denisa Coropcă, Andrei Cristea , Stoica Filip, Sara Ghilezan, Antonia Itineanț, Beatrice Tudor, Carolina Țapoc | Muzicieni: Nicolae Dobrovicescu(vioară),Cristina Pădurariu (voice, flute, didgeridoo), Alin Jurj/GeorgeAllen (DJ) | photography: Lorena Dumitrașcu/Light Stories | Director, Image and Director: Corina Andrian | Technical Assistance: Andrian Solomon | Tour Manager: Lavinia Urcan | Researcher: Mihaela Tilincă | PR and Marketing: Oana Petrescu | Social Media: Anitta Pelin | graphic designer: Cristina Oneț | video documentary: Flavius Marușcă | artistic coordinator: Beatrice Tudor.

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