Nomad Dance 2023

EXPLORING the living sources of inspiration constituted by the social and daily reality of the localities Lugoj, Jimbolia, Dumbrăviţa, Kikinda and Timisoara and THEIR RESTITUTION to the community in the form of performances of real time composition accompanied by live music and dance shorts.

The project “NomadDance” – contributes to increasing the visibility of contemporary dance and the formation of new audiences among communities in the neighborhoods of Timisoara and Timis County where this art form is not yet popular. In 2023 the project aims to continue the development of the relationship with the communities in the localities targeted in 2022: Dumbrăviţa, Jimbolia and Lugoj and to initiate a dialog with the inhabitants of the Timisoara neighborhoods but also in the city of Kikinda (Serbia), during 8-26. “Nomad Dance” means choreographic moments in the public space, workshops (dance theater, film and sound mixing), invited performances and dance film screenings.
The results of the project will be presented between May 27 and June 3, 2023, in Timisoara, in the form of a video exhibition (" NomadDance R etrospective ") and through a dance performance (" NomadDance Introspective "). Mihaela Tilinca based on the information collected by the artistic team during the project.

Nomad Dance 2023 team:
Performers: Denisa Coropca, Andrei Cristea, Stoica Filip, Sara Ghilezan, Antonia Intineanț, Beatrice Tudor, Carolina Țapoc | Music: Nicolae Dobrovicescu(violin),Cristina Pădurariu (voice, flute, didgeridoo), Alin Jurj/GeorgeAllen (DJ) | photography: Lorena Dumitrașcu/Light Stories | Regizor, Director and Image Director: Corina Andrian | Technical Assistant: Andrian Solomon | Tour Manager: Lavinia Urcan | Researcher: Mihaela Tilincă | PR and Communications: Oana Petrescu |Artistic Coordinator: Beatrice Tudor

The Nomad Dance project is part of the Timisoara 2023 European Capital of Culture program and is funded by the City of Timisoara through the Project Center.

Co-financier: The Project Center of Timisoara Municipality
Organizer: Unfold Motion
With the support of: FITT Timisoara and Jimbolia City Hall

Lugoj: FITT Lugoj, Eftimie Murgu Secondary School, Coriolan Brediceanu National College, Dragan European University
Jimbolia-Kikinda: Jimbolia House of Culture, Jimbolia Secondary School, Jimbolia Primary School, Jimbolia Technological High School, Jimbolia TV, Kikinda Cultural Center
Dumbrăviţa: Dumbrăviţa City Hall, Dumbrăviţa Secondary School;
Timisoara: Spații Noi, the National Museum of Banat, the French Institute (same as last year), the German Cultural Center
Bucharest: Contemporary Creative Dreamers, Delazero Association, CNDB