”Nexus”| Contemporary Creative Dreamers (8 OCTOBER)- Bucharest

"Nexus" is the dissertation performance of choreographer Andreea Vălean. He received the award for "Best Choreographic Show" at the U.N.A.T.C. Graduate Gala. 2022.

The show "Nexus" is a journey into the depths of the human being, which explores the legacies of the primordial roots of its nature. The physical body is the covering, the cave in which dwell embodiments of the instincts and drives that originate in the archetypes. Organic bonds are represented, seemingly indestructible relationships, toxic relationships based on the eternal principle of the struggle for power. "Nexus" is a series of links that make up the connection between the individual and his honest self, stripped of the protective shell of the everyday environment. A look inside, beyond the carnal covering, is imperative, otherwise the inner turmoil will leave behind only remnants: hair, nails and bones.

Artistic team:

Concept and choreography: Andreea Vălean
Cast: Andreea Vălean, Anastasia Preotu, Bianca Ardeleanu, Daniel Dragomir
Scenography: Andreea Vălean, Mirela Elena Culbeci
Costumes: Alberto Ursache
Sound Design: Sarah Mitrofan, Adrian Piciorea
Light design: Ionuț Cherana
Duration: 40 minutes
Producer: U.N.A.T.C."I.L.Caragiale" Bucharest

Through this cultural approach, the Unfold Motion Association aims to develop new audiences for the field of contemporary dance and to lay the foundations for the accessibility of a constant cultural offer for the consumer of contemporary dance performances and events related to it such as: Dance films, workshops, etc.

The contemporary dance season is the first such initiative of choreographers working in Timisoara, under the umbrella of the Unfold Motion Association and was born out of the need to have a context for watching dance performances, as is possible in the world of theater.  In a cultural context in which contemporary dance does not enjoy sustained support at national level, the visibility of dance performances is affected by the lack of contexts of presentation to the public. And DINAM is trying to be one of those contexts.

The curatorial vision of the season is eclectic because we believe that the evolution of different aesthetics of contemporary dance (both nationally and internationally) enriches through diversity, an event such as the season.  We want the audience to get in touch with as many artistic currents and choreographic visions as possible so that they can form and develop a critical sense and preferences for certain genres.

The third edition of the DINAM season took place between 6 October and 25 November 2023 and included: 10 contemporary dance performances, Q&A sessions with invited artists, workshops and interviews “meet the artist/sharing practices”, 3 dance film screenings, an audio-video performance installation and a series of sound mixing workshops for the audience.

Partners: Mihai Eminescu National Theatre Timisoara, Victoria Cinema, Faculty of Arts and Design Timisoara, Ion Vidu Art High School, German Cultural Center, French Institute Timisoara, Faber, Iulius Town, Delazero Association, Contemporary Creative Dreamers, At two Owls (n.r. “la Două Bufnițe”) Library, Social assistance Department of Timisoara, iabilet.ro.

Project implemented with the support of the Timis County Youth Foundation and the National Dance Center Bucharest.

Media partners: TVR Timisoara, West City Radio, best of Timisoara, Carturesti bookshops;

Producer: Unfold Motion

DINAM season is part of the Cultural Program Timisoara 2023-European Capital of Culture and is co-financed by the City of Timisoara through the Project Center.

Credit foto: Lorena Dumitrașcu

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