Daily between 1 and 4 September 2022, in Lugoj took place dance, theater and film workshops for children and teenagers, the screening of the dance film made in Lugoj, entitled “vibrations” – film, choreographic moments accompanied by live music in the public space, and the show “2-1=ZERO” from the unfold Motion repertoire. During the theater-dance workshops, the young people were invited to experience communication using their body in a creative and intuitive way, while the film workshops followed the exercise of the audio-visual language, revealing how the images convey emotions and ended with the elaboration of a dance short film, made by the participants themselves. The result of the film workshops was the short film “Retrairi”.

The workshops took place at the Lugoj Youth Center and the projection and contemporary dance performances took place in various parks and spaces in Lugoj, such as George Enescu Park, the Park of the pool, the Plateau of the House of Culture of Trade Unions or at the Traian Grozavescu Theatre.

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