NOMADdance, 3rd edition

Unfold Motion Dance Company puts Timiş on the map of contemporary dance. The NOMADdance project, which has reached its third edition, brings contemporary dance closer to the Lugoj community.

The NOMADdance project aims to contribute to increasing the visibility of contemporary dance and the formation of new audiences among the communities in Romania. The 2022 edition of Nomad Dance takes place throughout September and brings contemporary dance to 3 localities in Timis County: Lugoj, Jimbolia and Dumbrăviţa.

What I proposed, from the very beginning, through this project was to address communities that do not constantly (or at all) have access to the meeting with contemporary dance but who could fully enjoy a dance performance where they would not expect in the street. NOMADdance brings together, at each edition, artists who are brave, strong or curious enough and willing to know themselves in a way that brings them closer to the people they are preparing for/learning to create. In art universities you do not learn what you can learn in an edition of “NOMADdance”. And one of the important things we learn in “NOMADdance” is to get out of our bubble and open up to people (regardless of their experience with different forms of artistic expression), to communicate with them through words, but especially beyond them. And what matters in the end is that we succeed in one form or another to color the spectator’s routine.” Maria Beatrice Tudor – the initiator of the NOMADdance program, choreographer at the unfold Motion Association

The cultural program is at its 3rd edition and for the first time under the umbrella of the Unfold Motion Association. I am happy because it aligns with the objectives that the association has in relation to the public and the scale we want contemporary dance to have here in the west of the country.” Lavinia Urcan, president of the Unfold Motion Association.

Team: Sara Ghilezan, Teodor Caus, Theodora Tudose, Andrei Cristea, Cristina Chiperi, Denisa Coropca, Alexandra Mahu, Sergiu Catană, Lorena Dumitrascu/Light stories, Alin Duruian, Alin Jurj, Oana Petrescu, Lavinia Urcan, Beatrice Tudor .

The project “NOMADdance” is part of the Cultural Program “Timisoara 2023 – European Capital of Culture” and is funded by the City of Timisoara through the Project Center.

We thank the project partners: Timiş County Youth Foundation, Traian Grozavescu Lugoj Theatre, Jimbolia House of Culture, Jimbolia primary and secondary School, Jimbolia technological High School, Faulhaber Factory, Dumbrăviţa City Hall, Dumbrăviţa secondary School, The National Museum of Banat, the French Institute, the German Cultural Center, Contemporary Creative Dreamers, Delazero Association, We are developing Art Association, FOA Association, National Centre of Dance Bucharest.

Credit photo: Light stories