The show “Nihil Sine Deo” is the physical representation of the process composed of the actions of searching, understanding and encompassing the absolute. We define the absolute as that higher entity, that element which cannot be comprehended externally, that element which cannot be described as material, tangible, but which belongs to the immaterial plane, which can only be described by inner feeling and emotion.

By establishing a relationship of Creator-creation, humanity is in permanent relationship with the Divinity, which is possible both by accepting the Divinity and by denying it. The process of seeking, understanding, and embracing this entity is a continuous, fluctuating process that leads to exhaustion, and this is the only time we have the ability to recognize what we define as absolute, as Divinity.

This moment of exhaustion is represented by the complete liberation of the body from conscious actions, by pre-established thoughts about what we should find as a final response, it is a moment of sincerity in which we can recognize what can only be defined by feeling at the individual level.

Throughout its evolution, humanity has developed in relation to three ideas that seem to be ingredients in our composition: Sexuality, the desire to fly, and conquest: An inner conquest of one’s own body and an outer conquest materialized through space, information, and time.

Artistic team: Daniel Dragomir (choreographer, performer, light design, costumes), Anastasia Preotu
Andreea Vălean, Bianca Ardeleanu, George Pleşca, Sergiu Diţă (performers), Adrian Piciorea (sound design)

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