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The performance-manifesto of kitsch, time capsule, contemporary cultural anthology. The choreographic work presents the world of showbiz, with the brightness and charm in front of the curtain, but also with the unseen things behind the scenes. The beautifully coloured packaging actually covers monstrosities.
Kitsch gets to us so much that we're blinded by its colours. It is a satire, but at the same time we must admit that we are attracted to this pink kitsch, which today is hard to avoid and maybe not even good to do.

Date: 13th November
Location: Timișoara Youth House

Choreography: Sergiu Diță, guest choreographer from Bucharest

Dancers / artists : Sergiu Diță, Anca Stoica, Roxana Costea, Bianca Flueraș, Andreea
Vasilescu, Ionuț Dumitrașcu (light design), Vlad Lăzărescu (video artist)

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