My invisible noisy inside

A contemporary dance performance, a statement of human duality, a personal analysis of all that is visible and invisible, noisy or quiet, prisoner or free in each of us – the performance was created at the invitation of the Basca Theater in Timisoara, in the context of the in : v z b l Festival, in the autumn of 2021, after the choreographer Beatrice Tudor was invited to answer the question: What is invisible to you? The show premiered on 16th October 2021 at Basca Theater.

‘Sometimes I feel the need to hide, to easily and temporarily disappear and to observe what is happening in my absence. Sometimes I would like to look at you from the inside, to see how your thoughts are walking around your face when you don’t know you are watched.
Sometimes I wish I were a cotton candy. Sticky, fluffy and way too sweet. Sometimes I imagine that I’m a brick in the oldest wall.’ In My invisible noisy inside we pour out in space some of the characters that we contain, that we use to hide in everyday life or that we sometimes reveal to special or patient people. In the meantime, we remain (in)visible.
The show had a performance on July 28, 2022, at the Centre for Projects Timisoara, within the ‘Frames and Shapes’ Summer School project. The program is developed by the We re- create and Unfold Motion Associations, as art of the cultural Program “Timisoara 2023 –European Capital of Culture” and financed by the Centre for Projects Timisoara.
Performers: Beatrice Tudor and Teodor Cauş/Lavinia Urcan
Choreography: Beatrice Tudor/ text: Beatrice Tudor

Musical composition: Andrei Chifu 
Sound Design: George Allen

Duration: 40 min.
Year of production:

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