Malta DINAM Tournament


🟣 December 15, Blue Box at M Space
The representations of the two contemporary dance performances, in double bill format; the two performances were followed by a Q&A session with the artistic team
20:00-21:00 – Story of Lost Stories (c. Lavinia Urcan in her role
21:10-22:10 – Vulnus – quality to be easily hurt (c. Beatrice Tudor and Filip Stoica)

🟣 December 16, University of Malta dance studios
Meet the artists/Sharing practices workshops (dedicated to students from the University of Malta and junior members from Moveo Dance Company - free entrance)
17:30-19:00 – Beatrice Tudor and Filip Stoica & Lavinia Urcan

🟣 December 16, The Foyer of the School of Performing Arts
19:30 – audio-video performative installation „Drumthingbasme” (concept George Allen) - free entrance
20:30 – sound mixing workshop with George Allen (dedicated to the audience viewer) - free entrance
Photo credit: Andrew Rizzo

Between 4-16 December 2023, the contemporary dance company Unfold Motion organized a national and international tour in the cities: Craiova, Sf. Gheorghe, Ploiesti, Bucharest and Msida (Malta) where two performances were presented, in the format of double bill („The Story of Lost Stories” and „Vulnus – the quality of being easily hurt”), a performative installation „Drum’n’Basme” and ”Meet the artist/Sharing Practices” workshops of contemporary dance and sound mixing.

The purpose of the tour was to present part of the experience of the Contemporary Dance Season Timisoara, the third edition (DINAM)” that took place in Timisoara, Romania, promoting at national level 3 artists affiliated to the association (choreographs Beatrice Tudor and Lavinia Urcan and DJ George Allen) and their newest works.

The Story of Lost Stories – contemporary dance performance

The show represents the development of the scholarship „Energie!”, obtained at the end of 2022 by choreographer Lavinia Urcan. The central concept of the show refers to the transgenerational heritage of the contemporary individual, from the perspective of the influence that his personal histories have on his relationship with the world and the people around him. „We tell stories from the past to understand something from our common present”. Under the coordination of the choreographer, the 6 dancers outlined different experiential stories, using their own words and languages of movement and expression.

Artistic team: concept and choreography: Lavinia Urcan in collaboration with dancers | distribution: Diana Abdo, Teodor Caus, Sara Ghilezan, Vika Medvedeva, Sebastian Teodorovici, Carolina Tapoc | Sound design: George Allen| light design: Andrei Chifu | choreography assistant: Oana Antonovici.

Vulnus – the quality of being easy hurt – contemporary dance performance

Filip and Beatrice explore the sinuous dynamics of a relationship that is always on a rollercoaster: their friendship. Choreographers, performers, colleagues, lovers of reality and dance, here and now, and practitioners of humor (almost) without a curtain, the two navigate with vulnerability to each other, among stereotypes and prejudices, in a society increasingly intolerant of insecurity, discomfort and opinions.

Leaving the joke aside, how about identifying with the fruit genus?

Artistic team: concept, interpretation, choreography and text: Beatrice Tudor & Filip Stoica; sound design and projection: Filip Stoica; light design; Andrei Chifu & Otniel Florut.

Contemporary Dance Workshops „Meet the artists/Sharing practices”

These were held by choreographers of the performances „Vulnus-The quality of being easily hurt” (Beatrice Tudor and Filip Stoica) and „The Story of Lost Stories” (Lavinia Urcan). During them, the participants enter the „internal kitchen” of each of the performances, working creative exercises inspired by the two productions, practicing short choreographic fragments and thus knowing two different artistic approaches.

„Drum’n’Basme” – audio-video performative installation

The concept underlying the installation is represented by the fairy tale, as a factor of cohesion between generations. The artistic team will create a fairytale experience, through vintage means (vinyl tiles played with pick-up and live narration) and contemporary (sound processing software, video projections, video projections, lightdesign). A unique aspect of this project is the merging of the stories recorded on vinyl cards with electronic musical genres, such as: boom bap/beats instrumental/lo-fi/downtempo/trip hop/ethnic electronica/world music, thus creating a dialogue between different time periods and generations of people. The duration of the audio-video performative installation was about 60 minutes.

Artistic team: DJ: George Allen; VJ and technical assistant: Adrian Solomon; performers: Carolina Capoc and Teodor Caus.

Workshop „Meet the artists/Sharing practices” – sound mixing

Each performance of the installation was followed by a mixing workshop, supported by George Allen. He provided some insights into the field of sound mixing, explaining the process of working at the installation and providing elementary techniques for processing and harmonizing sound. Participants were able to use the equipment used in the facility under the supervision of George Allen. The duration of a workshop was 1 hour.

Partners: Timis County Youth Foundation (FITT), Marin Sorescu National Theatre Craiova, The 20’s, Studio M, Tamasi Aron Theatre Cafe, Toma Caragiu Ploiesti Theatre, Jazz Cafe, Jazz Cafe Theatre, Toma Caragiu Ploiesti Theatre, National Dance Center Bucharest, Moveo Dance Company, University of Malta

DINAM Tournament is part of the project ”Extension - Contemporary dance season Timisoara, IIIa edition (DINAM)”.

The project is part of the national cultural program „Timisoara – European Capital of Culture in 2023” and is funded by the program Inside Timisoara 2023, developed by the Timisoara Projects Center, with amounts allocated from the state budget, by budget from the Ministry of Culture.

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