Je suis Giselle

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“Je suis Giselle” proposes the remake of the romantic ballet “Giselle” (act I) by transposing the subject in a contemporary manner through the common themes that are still valid in our society today.
The inner process of the individual’s growth is brought to the fore by exploring specific topics such as: The overwhelming influence of parents on children, class differences, the impact of public opinion on the individual, psychological fragility and inexperience/naivety.

The performers answer, through the character Giselle, questions such as: How do you convey the feeling that you are isolated and alone among the many and close ones? How do you deal with the opinions of those around you? How do you fight for someone who is missing? How do you express your love in the absence of your loved one?

Through the performance “Je suis Giselle” – “I am Giselle” we affirm that the path of the main character can be anyone’s at any moment of existence and that the path to balance and retrieval through the entire inner stuggle specific to human nature is important. Je suis Giselle is a metaphor for self-transformation, the diversity that surrounds us, and the acceptance of the personal processes that each of us goes through throughout our lives. We therefore invite for reflection both young and mature audiences.

Data: 2nd October
Location: Timișoara Youth House

Choreography: Lavinia Urcan
Dance Company: Unfold Motion, Timișoara, România
Dancers / artists: Antonia Itineanț

The performance was streamed online on Unfold Motion’s and Timiș County Youth
Foundation’s Facebook pages.

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