Freedom. Prison?

Year 1989, the fall of Communism in Romania. Everything started in Timisoara. 27 years later, the Coalition for Family gathers 3 million signatures, voices from a now free country, which choose for the Constitution to change and enclose the human rights: marriage can only happen between two persons of opposite sex. Where is the Freedom? Why do we imprison the love?

The performance shows and highlights contradictory points of view.

The performance was presented through the artistic residency Freedom Prison in Horsens, Denmark – the project belongs to Aarhus European Capital of Culture 2017.
Collective concept by: Horia Săvescu, Lavinia Urcan, Oana Vidoni

With: Horia Săvescu, Lavinia Urcan, Oana Vidoni, Ovidiu Zimcea
Music: Armies (Ovidiu Zimcea)

Duration: 25 min.
Produced in:


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