Contemporary dance classes for teenagers (14-17 y.o.)

Regardless of our age or profession, dance keeps us connected, happy and in shape. It helps us develop new skills, relax and get to know ourselves better. An active life keeps us balanced both mentally and physically, and participation in a contemporary dance course can contribute directly.

The class is aimed at adolescents who wish to be part of an open group, where the focus is on the experience of participation and the creative potential of each learner. Through contemporary dance, young people are encouraged to explore their own emotions and sensations with a new language of expression facilitated by the body. They will also improve their posture, mobility and strengthen self-confidence. During the course, we will get to know the boundaries of our own body but also ways to overcome ourselves, learn choreographies, build together dance moments and play through improvisation.

The dance techniques and working methods will be adapted to the skills of each learner in order to build a natural self-journey for them.

Open presentations (every three months) may be organized at the request of the participants.

With: Beatrice Tudor


TUESDAY 17:45-18:45


Membership 4 sessions / month: 150 lei
Membership 8 sessions / month: 250 lei
One session: 50 lei
Offers: 10% from the membership fee for siblings and single parent families
Subscriptions: 0742 040 570 /

The memberships are non refundable and not transmissable from one month to another. If you need to skip a class, you can take it again in another day of the schedule.

Information and subscriptions:

︎ 0742 040 570
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