Contemporary dance classes for children (5-8 y.o. and 9-13 y.o.)

Regardless of our age or profession, dance keeps us connected, happy and in shape. It helps us develop new skills, relax and get to know ourselves better. An active life keeps us balanced both mentally and physically, and participation in a contemporary dance course can contribute directly.

At the contemporary dance classes for children, we venture with the little ones into the world of dancing, discover energetic choreographies, entertain and develop our body harmoniously. Dance is the ideal combination of art and sports, which is why children's training has two components. 

The first strand will focus on developing physical condition, strength, balance and mobility, while the second will focus on developing creativity and the sense of rhythm, understanding music and personal body language. We aim for children to gracefully develop their bodies and emotions through the relationship between rhythm, music and movement.

Open presentations (every three months) may be organized at the request of the participants.

With: Lavinia Urcan


17:00-18:00 CHILDREN 5-8 Y.O. 
                          18:15-19:15 CHILDREN 9-13 Y.O.    


Membership 4 sessions / month: 150 Lei
Membership 8 sessions / month: 250 Lei
One session: 50 Lei
Offers: 10% from the membership fee for siblings and single parent families
Subscriptions: 0732 926 438 /

The memberships are non refundable and not transmissable from one month to another. If you need to skip a class, you can take it again in another day of the schedule.

Information and subscriptions:

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