Contemporary dance classes for beginners and intermediate/advanced adults (w/ Lavinia)

Regardless of our age or profession, dance keeps us connected, happy and in shape. It helps us develop new skills, relax and get to know ourselves better. An active life keeps us balanced both mentally and physically, and participation in a contemporary dance course can contribute directly.

The structure of a class:
• the first part consists of modern and contemporary dance techniques (Release, Humphrey, Graham) through which we prepare the body for the course;
• the second part contains choreographic structures and movement phrases to help us practice our learning capability;
• the last part is dedicated to creativity, improvisation and relaxation by dancing

In the first two sections of the class we will learn to acquire a correct posture, work with balance, develop our musculature in a harmonious way and practice memory by learning movement phrases. At the same time, we will become familiar with the techniques of the pioneers of modern and contemporary dance.

In the third section, we will relax in a dynamic way by means of improvisation exercises that will put our creativity to work, stimulating us to overcome our own physical and mental limits.

The difference between the two levels – beginners and intermediaries/advanced is the work pace and intensity of the proposed exercises. While we do not aim to transform learners into professional dancers, we respect each other's different learning rhythm and the desire for progress and deepening. The change from one group to the other or the assignment to the intermediate/advanced group is made by the course facilitator, following an assessment of the student, when the latter is physically prepared and wishes to change.

So whether you are at your first meeting with contemporary dance or want to work intensively on the dance floor, you are more than welcome with us.

With: Lavinia Urcan


19:00-20:00 BEGINNERS
              20:15-21:15 INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED

                 20:15-21:15  BEGINNERS


Membership 4 sessions / month: 150 Lei
Membership 8 sessions / month: 250 Lei
One session: 50 Lei
Offers: 10% from the membership fee for students and siblings
Subscriptions: 0732 926 438 /

The memberships are non refundable and not transmissable from one month to another. If you need to skip a class, you can take it again in another day of the schedule.

Information and subscriptions:

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