Using this cultural approach, the Unfold Motion Association aims to develop new audiences for the field of contemporary dance and to lay the foundations for the accessibility of a constant cultural offer for the audience consuming contemporary dance performances and related events such as: Dance Films, Workshops, etc.

The contemporary dance season is the first such initiative of choreographers working in Timisoara, under the umbrella of the Unfold Motion Association and was born out of the need to have a context for watching dance performances, as is possible in the world of theater. In a cultural context in which contemporary dance does not enjoy sustained support at national level, the visibility of dance performances is affected by the lack of contexts of presentation to the public.

The 7 CONTEMPORARY DANCE PERFORMANCES were selected from the existing repertoire of Romanian and international artists and out of new productions of 2022. The curatorial vision is eclectic because we consider that the evolution of different aesthetics of contemporary dance (both nationally and internationally) enriches through diversity, an event such as the Dance Season. We want the audience to get in touch with as many artistic currents and choreographic visions as possible so that they can form and develop a critical sense and preferences for certain genres.

The 2 SCREENINGS OF DANCE FILMS included this year 6 productions that were curated by Camelia Neagoe - president of the Delazero Association and director of the Connect Contemporary Dance Festival. These were presided over by moderated discussions with Camelia Neagoe. The discussions aimed to familiarize the public with the particularities of this genre by sharing some introductory notions in this language.

MEET THE ARTIST/ SHARING PRACTICES” WORKSHOPS – a new activity proposed during the season. Thus, the invited choreographers could share their experience by supporting dance sessions or creative methods in which Romanian professionals in the field could participate. The purpose of these meetings is to encourage direct dialog with the invited artists, beyond the stage space and to enrich the professional experience of the dancers, actors and “Dan-actors” from Timisoara and, why not, from other cities in the country.

Q&A SESSIONS are another novelty for this year’s edition of the season as we wanted to be able to offer the audience the opportunity to enter into direct dialog with the artists, thus having the opportunity to receive answers to various questions related to the performances watched, the artistic career of the guests, etc.