Through the cultural program “NomadDance” we aim to develop new audiences for the field
of contemporary dance and to lay the foundations for the accessibility of a constant cultural
offer for the audience consuming contemporary dance performances and events related to it.
The ‘Nomad for YOUth’ project took place in October and November and consisted of:

    Contemporary Dance Season, 1st edition

During the two months there were presented 8 contemporary dance performances (7 performances made by Romanian choreographers, 3 from Timisoara, 4 from Bucharest and
one by an international choreographer). The main goal was to organize the first contemporary dance season in Timisoara for the consumer audience of contemporary dance and implicitly
connecting the local dance scene with national and international dance companies so that in the future there will be the premises for the development of a dance season which will constantly be present in the cultural landscape of Timisoara.


   Took place in November as part of the Contemporary Dance Season. Two national and international film screenings were organized, followed by discussions with the audience and presentation of some introductory notions in the language of the Dance film genre (supported
by Camelia Neagoe-curator). The main purpose of this action was to create a precedent in Timisoara in terms of broadcasting dance films because it would be the first screening of this
kind carried out in the city. We wanted to identify a potential amateur audience for this film niche so that in the future we can consider organizing a festival of this genre.

Dance Workshops dedicated to a vulnerable social segment

Choreographers Beatrice Tudor and Lavinia Urcan held contemporary dance workshops for 11 beneficiaries of the Missio Link International Foundation. The courses took place between
4 th - 12 th November. The aim of the workshops was to provide participants with an alternative experience for personal development through interaction with contemporary dance.

o The project was co-financed by Timis County Council and Timis County Youth

o The cultural program “NomadDance” is part of the Timisoara European Capital of
Culture for 2023 Program.

o Partners: The French Institute Timisoara, Missio Link International, Dance Cinema Organisation, Delazero Association, Contemporary Creative Dreamers, Foa Association.