”C’EST PAS GRAVE!” -CIE MF (France)- 25 November

“It’s not so serious,” is a duet of contemporary dance and physical theater that explores the different meanings of the notion of gravity in relation to the notion of time: From the gravitational fields of physics, which lead to the creation of performative space, with a center toward which forces tend, to the human-psychological condition of gravity, which must be overcome by a symbolic choreographic writing, which focuses on humor and tones of light.

The bodies of the two artists rotate, orbit, accelerate and decelerate regularly; they attract and repel each other like magnets. It creates emotional landscapes; it sets rules on geometry and then breaks them.

The show was conceived as an interactive system in which the audience is invited to build paper planes and then throw them on the stage to land on the "gravitational" space between performers, legitimately breaking the intimate space of sight in this way.

Artistic team: Francesco Colaleo & Maxime Freixas (choreography, directing, performers), Marion Julien (music), Chiara Defant (costumes)

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