At first there was silence- deaf theater performance

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Prin performance-ul „La început a fost tăcere” 5 artiști și 5 surzi au explorat tăcerea, au ascultat-o și au lasat-o sa îi conducă într-un demers artistic pe înțelesul tuturor.
Through the performance “in the beginning there was silence” 5 artists and 5
deaf people explored silence, listened to it and let it lead them in an artistic
endeavor that is understandable to all.
The show aims to experiment with nonverbal communication methods and
experimental forms of motion, to question the inner universe of the human
being – where everyone is left alone with their thoughts – the realm of silence
from which our stories emerge. Because silence is often more eloquent than
millions of words.
10 people learned to listen to each other, to discover together the multiple
forms of communication, to transform sounds into movements and
movements into words.

With: Sava Cătălina, Cociorvan Beniamin, Sirbu Iulian, Grizea Mario, Balan
Violeta, Ana Maria Ursu, Costa Tovarnisky, Lavinia Urcan, Beatrice Tudor,
Vadim Rusu.

The performance took place on Friday, February 18, at Rions Bistro in Traian
Square (Timisoara). The initiative belongs to Basca Theater (Solidart
Association), and is part of the deaf Theater project, financed by the Timotion
event 2021 edition.

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