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The concept of the performance is inspired by Plato's 'Banquet', ' The Myth of the Androgyne'. The myth of the perfect, complete being, as well as the idea of unity of opposites. Unity symbolizes a state of grace, while separation symbolizes falling. The Androgyne signifies self-sufficiency, harmony, perfection of a closed circle. Man has lost this state of grace and is cursed to live in a world and in an incomplete, insufficient, imperfect body, he is cursed to think in terms of differences, opposites and not coincidence, unity. But the idea of unity of opposites, of attraction of opposites, haunts the most hidden corners of his
mind and soul. The myth of perfection, goodness, beauty and truth.

Date: 27th November
Location: Timișoara Youth House

Choreography: Lavinia Urcan
Dance Company: Unfold Motion, Timișoara

Dancers / artists: Beatrice Tudor, Alexandru Pîntea, Andreea Mihalic, Sergiu Mihalic ,
Lavinia Urcan

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