In a general framework of perpetual human search there are questions about the reason, about the work sought and about the search method. Subsequently the question arises whether through love, a human feeling, one can reach the final purpose. This is a timeless question that echoes from ancient times and which was founded on the myth of the androgyne as a metaphor for this search. The androgyne, a coveted stereotype, is not a mere human fulfillment in a relationship, but is intended to reflect the entire universal harmony.

This search, the will raised to a necessity level, comes from the search of the self-knowledge, of the  personal self. Knowledge occurs through observation; there is no object or situation which is not being passed through the system of the personal values, therefore objectivity does not exist. As the universe reflects itself, man, being part of its existence, simply cannot do differently. Since ancient times, man has reflected on the universe, and implicitly on himself as a  part of the universe. So, by extension, everything man will see and experience will be a reflection of his own human self in the universe.

Absence creates the impression of emptiness, which will be completed by the androgyne in an almost utopic manner. But the androgyne is a mythical character, an absolutely ideal matrix of the human individual.The human individual wants to be created from this ideal matrix. Hence the futility of seeking a "half" in its coarse and carnal meaning. The myth of perfection, goodness, beauty and truth.
Choreography: Lavinia Urcan
Andreea Farcaș, Sergiu Mihalic, Dan Ianchis, Alina Ștefan, Amalia Toader

Music: Octavian Horvath
Costumes: Dana Simionescu
Co-producer: Electric Theatre

Duration: 45 min.
Produced in:

Tours and festivals
Timisoara International Dance Festival (2015)
Bakelit Multi Art Center (Budapest, 2015)
Street Delivery (Timisoara, 2015)


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